Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PC Suite for Android Phones

Ever since I bought my android phone I was looking for a PC suite and I am sure most of you guys who have touch screen phones without keypad would be looking for one. In this post I shall be talking about an android PC suite. I found this one very neat and useful, it’s called MyPhoneExplorer. It has a client software which should on your phone and the server software can be run on your PC. The server software can only be run on windows machine. In case you are using Unix based operating system then I am sorry to say this is not for you guys.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1)    Go to Android Market and search for “MyPhoneExplorer Client”
2)    Install it on your android phone

You are pretty much done with your client software setup. 

3)    Visit http://www.fjsoft.at/en/ for the server software
4)    Download the latest version of MyPhoneExplorer, right now the available version is 1.8.2, which released a couple of weeks back and it has lot of improvements and really cool features compared to the previous release. 
5)    Install the downloaded software.

You are done with your sever setup too 

6)    Start the server on your PC.
7)    Go to File->Settings and select the desired mode of connection between your phone and PC, you can choose Wifi, Bluetooth, USB or Autodetect option

8)    Start the client on your android phone.
9)    Turn on the Bluetooth or Wifi settings on your phone in case you are using either of them or connect the USB cable in case you wish to use USB mode of connection.
10)    Now on the server software you can go to File->Connect

That’s it!! Now you can sync contacts, messages, calendar, call logs, notes, etc on to your PC. Send messages from PC and also get pop ups on your PC when you get a new message, call or a calender event.


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I shall soon be writing another post on how to control or operate your android phone via PC.

Let me know if guys are facing any problems to get it running


  1. hi friends i have dell xcd35 andriod 2.2 . i am not able to install the pc suit onto my laptop . any body with the solution

    the message i get while trying to install the suit

    The aplication was unable to restart correctly (0xc000005),klick Ok to close the application..

  2. I hope you are trying to install the server software on your laptop

  3. wow....
    i get it but, can not think about it for custume ROM, because my phone made ​​in china

  4. I don't know why it shouldn't work for a custom ROM, which ROM are you using?

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  9. am a former Nokia user, and it had very convenient PC suite which allowed me to use every option of my phone without even touching it.. i was so angry when i got my Sony xperia and installed the most lamest PC suite ever from Sony.. ever since i was looking for a PC connectivity solution which i thought maybe if i m lucky i would be able to fine.. something that's common with all android phone.. and here i am... finally found it.. works perfectly, and am loving it.. make sure u also install d PC software from the given web site to connect.. awesome.. thanks developer for keeping this free....

  10. I was always using this Android PC suite in the past half month. It worked good with my Galaxy S4.

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVH293JMeK4